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I am an Astrologer, spiritual advisor, and card reader with 24 years of experience. I read Tarot cards as well as many types of Oracle cards. Through Astrology I can tell you about your own personality traits or traits of someone else, as well as compatibility in romantic relationships.with a moon sign interpretation I can provide you with a greater understanding of your emotional needs within relationships, as well as that of a love interest so you can understand their needs and emotional traits as well. I also have a deep understanding of the afterlife and what occurs there, and the transition that takes place when a person dies.

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I have taken courses in Astrology and parapsychology, as well as herbal remedies. I have been studying and practicing Astrology and the tarot for 24 years. I studied philosophy and psychology at York University, Toronto.


I have over 25 years of experience as a spiritual advisor, card reader, and astrologer. i have also studied in great depth: the occult, including pagan rituals and spells, psychology, philosophy, parapsychology, Buddhism, the I ching, Bach flower remedies for emotional healing, herbal remedies, and much more.

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18 Aug 2019 excellent ranking nyarina


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11 Nov 2013 unsatisfactory ranking vpm007

Really slow at typing. At one point I thought he or she would respond with a long paragraph only to respond with 2 lines. The information was REALLY general. Something I could have read on a horoscope column on the newspaper. I was intrigued by his bio that claims: "Clear solutions" but the whole time I was scratching my head like What? I'm more confused than when I first started. REFUND PLEASE. This was a complete WASTE of time and money.

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22 Oct 2013 excellent ranking moon.beth

Fun reader and patient. Took some time to connect deeply, but was satisfied with the level of detail and was a non-judgemental reader.

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